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Shay Jaffar’s “Lapidary Collection” flaunts the majestic power of gemstones in its splendor designs and intricate craftsmanship. Much like the Lapidary, Shay Jaffar approaches garments in the same intricate and precise manner in order to deliver superlative luxury.


This collection captures the alluring power of gemstone artistry and reinterprets it through chic modern silhouettes. Contrived in New York, only three pieces are crafted of each design. This collection is exclusive and made-to-order for fashion aficionados.

Each design portrays a certain unique attribute of a gemstone

Each design is also an individualistic reflection of the stone’s aura. Without actually being heavily embellished with stones, our designs speak fluently of the Rubellite’s divine creativity, the Sapphire’s wisdom and the Agate’s power among other things.

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