Designing clothes in the 21st century is a responsibility that many take lightly. With fast fashion becoming the second biggest polluter after the oil industry, the importance of ethical and sustainable fashion is more important than ever. As believers in aging gracefully, Shay Jaffar advocates a special approach. The brand’s formula includes designs that last, quality that defeats time and ethical production practices at every step of the process.

 Designed with the aim to withstand time, each of Shay Jaffar’s garments seeks to outlive trends. The brand’s timeless aesthetic is delivered eloquently through chic silhouettes and intricate craftsmanship - an elaborate combination that can sustain each piece's premium location in a woman's wardrobe forever. Once considered a true investment, these garments do not only accompany their owners on unforgettable days, but they also become the kind of pieces that owners would give to their daughters.

A journey of a lifetime demands the highest quality. Mature fashion choices are built upon trust, confidence and comfort. Through sourcing premium quality, depending on a well-detailed manufacturing process and setting a strong quality-check policy; each Shay Jaffar piece goes through various stages in order to live up to your highest expectations.

 Conscious women are always interested in a garment's journey. Knowing who made your favorite piece of clothing is a rare privilege in today's world. At Shay Jaffar each garment is created in the heart of Manhattan by family-owned studios which are also producing your favorite designer clothing including Oscar De La Renta, Pamella Roland, and Brandon Maxwell. We spend considerable amounts of time building strong personal relationships with studio owners and workers. We make sure that these people not only pour their passion into their work; but are also financially and morally appreciated.


With that said, many would argue about different ways for social and environmental sustainability; nonetheless, the formula is much easier than any scientific theory. Rather than obsessing about recycling, the answer is as simple as choosing fashion that speaks to timeless savoir faire, redefines exquisite quality and supports skilled craftsmen. By choosing Shay Jaffar, you choose fashions that are part of your life and part of your value system.

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