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The Met Gala's Notes on CAMP

CAMP! For a handful of months, hundreds of fashion aficionados have been trying to fathom this year's theme. However, with Lady Gaga, Alessandro Michele and Harry Styles as hosts of this year's Met Gala, it was quite clear that everyone was set to experience a tad of theatricality. According to Susan Sontag, who wrote "Notes on Camp" in 1964 and inspired this peculiar theme, camp is the sensibility of failed seriousness, of the theatricalization of experience. Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Museum chose to describe the theme as sensibility, which encompasses everything from decorativism to the trash aesthetic. Therefore, it is safe to say that every big star was destined to go all out and leave nothing to the imagination.  

While many fashion icons set the bar really high with an illuminating Cinderella costume and on-spot simultaneous wardrobe changes, modesty was a key star of the night. Even though many looks have managed to garner online attention, we narrowed down the best looks to only six smashing hits.

Millennial super power Gigi Hadid joined forces with Michael Kors to decipher the theme. Together they reached a futuristic head to toe silver ensemble that had everything from cape silhouette to feathers. Meanwhile, her matching set of extravagant lashes were by far the night's biggest beauty winner.

Dakota Johnson opted for a rather romantic look. Looking like a Shakespearian heroine, the actress owned the night by choosing a violet gown that bared nothing less than an elaborate embellishment of a bleeding heart. She also chose to accessorize the Gucci dress with an eloquent silver headpiece.

Saoirse Ronan also chose to depend on Gucci for a memorable look. However, she aimed for an increased dosage of theatricality. The scarlet red maxi dress grabbed attention with its intricate sequins. With golden dragons on her shoulders, Ronan certainly delivered true "Camp" spirit


Sienna Miller and Emily Blunt trusted the power of metallics to shine out on the pink carpet. While Blunt went fully golden, Miller took a silver detour. Nevertheless, we must salute Blunt for being a tad more daring and open to statement 3d flowers, whether they were on her dress or her head.


Finally, Louis Vuitton's favorite red head, Emma Stone, attended the fashion industry's biggest night with a sequin jumpsuit that radiated with real 80s vibes.

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The Met Gala's Notes on CAMP

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