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Best-Dressed Award: The Formula To Win The Red Carpet

With the awards season rapidly approaching, many are racing to pencil in their predictions. The aficionados of style are in fact preoccupied with researching and putting together the year's most anticipated looks! From the Golden Globe Awards to the coveted Oscars, these two red carpets are not only the most watched around the world, but they are also acclaimed launch pads that have managed to put numerous fashion designers on the international map.

2018 has certainly been shaped by strong female celebrities, who spoke profoundly about equal pay and sexual harassment; all while flaunting powerful fashion statements. Owning the red carpet is a fundamental matter; therefore, aside from calculating who might be Hollywood’s biggest winning movies, we also have our eyes on the celebrities' choice of red-carpet gowns. Color, silhouette and creative twists are the components of our winning formula.

No awards event is ever complete without a stunning black gown. While trends constantly consume colors, black has always managed to remain relevant. The elegance and timeless aesthetic of such color can only be nailed when associated with the right silhouette plus a dash of glam. Our Black Selenite dress is a glamorous companion for the likes of Angelina Jolie and Julianne Moore – women who constantly advocate class and elegance. As a classic black dress with a profound modern twist on victorian fashion, this one is the ultimate choice for women with powerful personalities.

Unconventionally modern; yet, as dreamy as a contemporary fairy-tale princess. Emma Stone, Olivia Palermo and Anne Hathaway are a source of inspiration for an entire generation. Their peculiar take on fashion constantly keeps their fans at the edge of their seats waiting for one fashion statement after the other. The Rubellite dress is both playful and soft. With an intricate overskirt and dreamy monochrome color, this one was certainly made for the revolutionaries.  

On parallel, delivering an unforgettable message starts with one creative gown. The Beryl Opal does not only deliver an alternative take on traditional dresses but, it is also a sophisticated option for sophisticated women. Whether it is Amal Clooney, Olivia Munn, or Jessica Alba, you can always depend on the stylists of these two stars for a nontraditional, color-fueled ensemble. Knowing that the internet is set to be flooded with paparazzi pictures of all superstars, those stunning powerhouses might find it useful to favor an unexpected combination of colors and materials in order to stand out amidst seasoned fashion icons.


As we prepare our popcorn in anticipation for the big night, we already know deep down that at least one cape dress is set to walk one of these two carpets. However, we call for a 2019 version of the classic Hollywood stable. Gelin is not only a playful dress that impresses the beholder as it approaches as much as it does when it is about to leave the room, but it is also a contemporary reinterpretation of grandeur. Rather than opting for a trailing cape, the back details merge the intricacy of lace and royalty of draping. We can certainly see Priyanka Chopra, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga radiating in this stunning choice.

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