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Designing clothes in the 21st century is a responsibility that many take lightly. While designers are credited with creating the world's most cherished pieces of clothing, stylists are the heroes that weave stories out of mere garments. A woman's sense of style is a method of personal identification as well as a nonverbal method of communication. Without any need for words, personal style is a statement, elaboration and representative of a woman’s personal thoughts and individualistic choices. It is often important that experts are involved in the process of filtering and structuring dream wardrobes. Through recent years many fashion icons were rediscovered by none other than their personal stylists; meanwhile, many brands rose to fame after becoming a favorite of certain stylists.  

Jen Rade is an artist who has managed to carve absolute beauty through utilizing one of the world's most recognized celebrities, Angelina Jolie. The stylist's work with the actress not only yielded unforgettable looks, but it also made a modern goddess out of Jolie. The actress’s signature minimal long-sleeved dresses, which are often memorable for their complimenting embellishment and distinctive choice of color, are currently a synonym of grandeur. With that said, Rade applied her most memorable styling trick when she advised Jolie to wear her Max Azria dress backward for a charming modest look.

Beyoncé, who likes to indulge herself in true fashion extravaganza, is one of the most influential humans across the globe. Her stylist Zerina Akers is known for constantly crossing the borders of street style and couture; pulling her inspiration from the "girls in the hood". With a deep preference of bright colors and an eye for items that are attention-grabbing, Akers prefers to follow her gut.  

At the other end of the spectrum, Emma Watson's style is curated to reflect sophistication and powerful intelligence. Her stylist, Rebecca Corbin-Murray, is the real brain behind Watson's most unforgettable ensembles. It is safe to claim that Murray has successfully managed to turn her client into a true fashion star through building a consistent style persona for the silver-screen star.        

Olivia Munn is an acclaimed Hollywood star who has created a name for herself after playing multiple strong characters on screen. She was also one of the main actresses behind the viral campaign #MeToo. Much like her TV alter egos, Munn is an advocate of gender equality. However, her style is quite far from the classic silhouettes often preferred by her characters. The actress, along with her stylist Micaela Erlanger, has a fearless take on fashion - often experimenting with cuts, patterns and fabrics. Munn is either seen wearing Ralph Lauren knitwear and denim jeans on casual mornings or flaunting minimal couture dresses for the red carpet. Micaela and Olivia are often after comfort, always looking for choices that go hand in hand with Olivia’s true identity.

Daughter of the iconic, Diana Ross, Tracee Ellis Ross is a beacon of exceptional fashion. Often bold and absolutely unexpected, Ross has already been the focal point of many unforgettable fashion moments. Styled by Karla Welch, her choices are sincere and bold methods of self-expression. As an advocate of many causes, Ross works with Welch ahead of her appearances to deliver her messages loud and clear. Aside from favoring a joyous and colorful style, Ross also prefers unconventional modest silhouettes.  

Sublime fashion and the ability to speak fluently through the power of style should be available for everyone. Accordingly, hiring a professional stylist is becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. Platforms such as Glamhive are changing the industry as we know it. Their services cater to a wide range of clients, who aim to reflect their individual personalities, successes and ambitions through their style choices. Glamhive is a gateway to the masterminds behind Hollywood’s most recognized styles as well as those who pass as Instagram celebrities. Regardless of a woman’s needs, their styling team is available around the clock for tailored assistance. The results of their work is not only limited to matching a trendy top with the right skirt; instead, it extends beyond mere details to include giving all women a mean of expression.  

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