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Stacey Boyd Educates Women One Luxury Purchase at a Time

With the international women’s day rapidly approaching, it is a great opportunity to not only acknowledge the work of exceptional female entrepreneurs but also document and narrate their stories to young women around the world. While women are shattering the glass ceiling every day, some have managed to garner personal success as well as support other women and contribute to the world around them. In celebration of this exceptional occasion, we chose to salute our favorite modern-day heroines who broke the rules and contributed to a better tomorrow.

As the newest luxury releases garner long waiting lists even before they arrive on shelves, everyone realizes the importance of a hot IT bag or a popular designer garment. However, not anyone would consider how the world can become a better place due to nothing but luxury shopping. No woman can ever say no to a trending addition to her closet, but also who would ever object to better education for women. 

With an MBA and master’s degree in public policy from Harvard University, Stacey Boyd was fully armored to become a serial entrepreneur. Due to her special interest in education, the visionary went on to create several initiates, which aimed to improve education conditions around the globe.

Nonetheless, it was not until she visited a number of refugee camps between Kenya and Rwanda with the world's youngest Nobel Prize laureate, Malala Yousafzai, that she realized the need to create a bridge between luxury and education.

After immensely delving into the eventful lives of the survivors inhibiting the camps, Boyd came to realize that war and poverty often take away women's basic right to choose their own path.

Between being denied of education and forced into minor marriage, the stories that she came across inspired her to utilize her experience in supporting the education of young females in developing countries .

Boyd’s dedication and proactive attitude is not only praise-worthy due to its capability to grant a better future to many girls residing at the other end of the globe, but it is also noteworthy due to the fact that she chose to invest her time and effort in helping stigmatized minorities.

Her work and contribution to the world is already on the path to create a progressive future generation, who can achieve political and economic stability in their countries.

Olivela is the entrepreneur's cyber tool to turn luxury fashion and beauty into progressive activism. Through her e-commerce website, Boyd features a number of the world's top designer brands; meanwhile, she also supports few philanthropic partners. With every purchase, her loyal customers actively contribute to the noble goals of organizations such as Malala Fund, CARE and Too Young To Wed. As a mother of two daughters, the entrepreneur is constantly motivated to make the struggle of women in developing countries a subject of regular discussion. With each transaction, Olivela donates 20% of its proceedings without charging the customer any extra amounts. Accordingly, the website informs each visitor of the philanthropic value of each displayed item; aside from the designer, size and price information, the description also includes the number of days each item warrant. Boyd initially started with 12 brands and 200 items; however, today the website harbors 256 brands and over 9,000 items.  


"The Olivela Effect" is a personalized customer dashboard that tracks the impact customer's total purchases have in supporting charitable organizations

According to statistics, one in each five girls gets married before her 18th birthday. As Boyd chooses to describe the current reality, hitting puberty in developing countries is often the beginning of many tragic events, which girls are forced to accept. Therefore, providing education to these girls does not only protect them from early marriage, but it also gives them the financial power to be independent and make their own calls. Olivela has already donated the equivalent of more than 41,000 school days for girls in third-world countries.

Far from her earliest notion, Boyd did not only manage to change the world with her choice of designer bags, but she has also made such concept an option to all women around the globe. Her enterprise is already the main reason thousands of girls now pursue legit dreams of becoming independent active members in their respective communities.

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