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    The Lapidary Collection

    Contrived in New York, only 3 pieces are crafted of each design


    Beryl Opal

    High-low skirt with off-the-shoulder top outfit


    Pearl embellished draped silk gown

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Getting ready for the big night out!
Marina Ingvarsson

Marina Ingvarsson is about pastel colors and dusty pink hues in particular. She also loves the unconventional statement pieces to wear to special events. It's not so much about being overdressed, but If she finds a unique outfit for the night out, that'll definitely be her preference.  Recently she has discovered our beautiful pale pink sequin lace jumpsuit with removable skirt, the Rubellite jumpsuit. She really loved our designs and aesthetics, mixing statement elements with the understated cut that works as a great option for those who prefer to dress modestly. Our “The Lapidary Collection” is for a contemporary woman in all her dazzling sophistication. Below is Marina's little impromptu behind the scenes of her getting ready for a recent big night out


Marina is wearing: Rubellite Sequin Lace Jumpsuit With Removable Skirt by Shay Jaffar

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