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Paint your 2019 with Living Coral

At the end of each year, more than a dozen of experts from various fields bring together their set of expertise to name one hero shade of color. Throughout 12 months, that color would remain the most dominant and popular, whether in fashion, technology or furniture among other forms of production and expression. Based on the most-discussed trends and general global mood, Living Coral has been selected as the color of 2019. According to Pantone, the vibrant hue was selected based on the onslaught of digital technology as well as how social media has become further embedded in our daily lives.

Coral is a combination of pink and orange. It is named after the marine invertebrates decorating the bottom of the sea. This unmistakable shade of color is fresh, invigorating, and feminine. Given its dynamic nature, it perfectly matches the opulence of tiffany blue and serenity of white. It can also be put next to warm colors such as yellow.


This piece of news indicates a lot of coral to be seen on red carpets, runways and commercial racks during 2019. This is about the perfect timing to learn all the trendy ways to master such a tricky shade of color. As stated by Pantone, coral "symbolizes our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits, Living Coral embodies our desire for playful expression.” The rich color can be tackled with classic intentions or spiced up to standout amidst the most congested rooms. Like any other color, the easiest way to nail this one lays in accessorizing right! Add a coral pair of earrings or multiple rings to send out your message clearly. Meanwhile, a pair of coral high heels can speak louder than anything else.


If you aim to show more fashion courage, then 2019 is the right year to flaunt a coral power suit; both versatile and modest. This slam dunk statement is correct for a long morning at the office as well as a night out with the girls. Nonetheless, if you are genuinely seeking utter sophistication, do not think twice before following this color down the rabbit hole. Given the shade's vibrancy and romantic flair, the stain is the right selection of fabric to go with it. Opt for a minimal design that can give a wide range for satin to sway in obedience to your moves. Longer hemlines are a much-advised component to win all of the year's most significant trends.

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