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For many years runways and magazine covers shared mutual obsession with glamazons. Long legs, skinny waists and sharp blonde hair separated women who were involved in the fashion industry from those often left in the dark. After years of increasing demand to involve more aesthetics in fashion, few unmistakable faces occupied the covers of international magazines and strutted down each and every runway. Supermodels such as Cindy Crawford, Brooke Shields and the infamous Naomi Campbell, changed the entire industry in the late eighties.

With fair dark skin and exotic features, Campbell became the first model to grace the covers of iconic magazines such as French Vogue at the tender age of 18. Her influence grew to introduce all shades of the rainbow to the once-rigid business.

The most unexpected change came with the rise of the notorious Ashley Graham. The media influencer and curvy model smashed all weight-related stereotypes by not only embracing her body; but by also flaunting it on international magazine covers and runways.  


When Halima Aden stepped out to take part in Yeezy's NYFW show and Mariah Idrissi made a significant cameo in H&M's digital campaign – the entire world changed! The two veiled models paved the way for hundreds of Muslim women, who never understood the reason behind the wall separating them from fashion. Furthermore, these two events also indicated the true beginning of the modest-fashion wave.  

All boarders were demolished with the rise of Winnie Harlow and Adwoa Aboah. With distinctive features, the two are currently leading a true calling for inclusivity. While Harlow has managed to turn a taboo into a beauty feature, Aboah has been named the most influential British model for her constant initiatives.

Looking back at the unwavering guidelines set by the fashion industry's opinion leaders few decades ago, it is astonishing to learn that today's most famous models are the blonde bombshell Gigi Hadid, her younger sibling Bella Hadid, the controversial brunette Kendall Jenner, the African Adut Akech, the modest Aden and the exceptional Graham.

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